Optical chirality in plasmonic nanostructures

Optical chirality is an intriguing property of certain molecules, which allows them to interact with the spin angular momentum of the impinging light field. Due to their chiral geometry, they can distinguish between left- and right-hand circular polarization states or convert them into each other. Optical chirality is responsible for interesting optical phenomena such as circular birefringence, optical dichroism, and polarization rotation. Optical chirality has also been observed in plasmonic nanostructures, which could be regarded as artificial chiral molecules. We are interested in the fundamental and applied research of optical chirality in plasmonic metamaterials and individual plasmonic nanostructures. For example, we are interested in using chiral plasmonic metamaterials for efficient biomolecule detection [1], fabrication nanoscopic tridimensional chiral structures [2], and alternative methods for enabling chiral phenomena in achiral plasmonic structures [3,4].


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Project leaders:

Peter Banzer (MPL), peter.banzer@mpl.mpg.de
Israel De Leon (Monterrey Institute of Technology), ideleon@itesm.mx

Other senior researchers:

Robert W. Boyd (uOttawa)
Gerd Leuchs (MPL)
Jeremy Upham (uOttawa)