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Research Areas


Optical Design and Simulation

  • Differential ray tracing
  • Combination of wave-optical methods and ray tracing
  • Rigorous diffraction theory for diffractive optical elements (DOEs)
  • Focussing with high numerical apertures (NAs)



Interferometry/Optical testing

  • Absolute measurement of aspherics using combo holograms
  • Wave front measurement using shearing interferometry and simultaneous acquisition of both gradient components
  • Interferometric testing of a parabolic mirror with a very high numerical aperture (in cooperation with the group 4piPAC)
  • Superposition fringes for white light interferometry and sensitivity enhancement
  • Homogeneity testing of glass plates via frequency comb interferometry
  • Reduction of phase singularities in speckle shearing interferometry
  • Simultaneous determination of phase and polarization of general wave


Micro structuring

  • Design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements for wave front and beam shaping
  • General fabrication of micro structured optical elements with structure sizes down to 10 nm



Hard- and software

  • Laser lithography device Heidelberg Instruments DWL 400
  • Electron beam lithography device Raith 150
  • Reactive ion etching device
  • Different interferometers: Mach-Zehnder interferometer for transmitted light measurement of micro-optics, Twyman-Green interferometer for micro spheres, White light profilometer, Grazing incidence interferometer for testing cylindrical specimen, Interferometer for testing FAC cylindrical lenses in transmitted light
  • Shack-Hartmann wave front sensor
  • Optical design and simulation software package RAYTRACE
  • Design software for diffractive optical elements