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Prof. Tatiana Murzina
Moscow State University

Gerd Leuchs (MPL)
Prof. Tatiana Murzina
Physics Department, Moscow State University
Linear and nonlinear optical effects in plasmonic nanostructures and 1D
photonic crystals

Artificial nanostructured materials of special design may reveal new
interesting effects which are rare to be observed in natural media. A
special attention is attracted now to plasmonic and photonic structures,
which are perspective for possible applications as optical sensors,
filters, switchers etc.

Here we survey the recent results obtained in our laboratory in the
field of new optical and nonlinear optical effects in various types of
nanostructures and photonic crystals (PhC). Namely, linear and nonlinear
optical spectroscopy of 1D magneto-plasmonic crystals, regular arrays of
gold nanoparticles embedded in a magnetic dielectric, and planar chiral
metamaterials are considered.

In the field of optics of PhC, the experimental results on the effects
originating from the dynamical Brag diffraction in the Laue geometry are
discussed. The studied samples are PhC based on porous silicon or porous
quartz and made by the electrochemical etching technique. The
observation of optical pendulum effect and temporal splitting of
femtosecond pulses in the Laue diffraction scheme are demonstrated.
Phase-matched optical second harmonic generation in PhC in the Laue
geometry is also discussed.
Time and Place
November 25th at 10:00
Large seminar room (429/435)