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Structured light with vortices in quantum and classical optics

Dr. Wolfgang Löffler Quantum Optics group, Leiden University, Netherlands

Optical vortices enable unique control of the spatial structure of classical and quantum light fields. I will show latest results of two new studies: (i) The spatial correlations of two photons produced by spontaneous parametric downconversion can intuitively be explained by (orbital angular) momentum conservation of the involved photons. What happens if not two, but four photons are produced by a high-gain parametric process? This enables experimental study of yet unknown high-dimensional multipartite systems with application in quantum information and metrology. We show fundamental differences of bipartite and multipartite entanglement; this is here in particular interesting because of the high-dimensional spatial degrees of freedom. (ii) Structured light on the nanometer scale: I show that spatial information on the nanoscale, far below the diffraction limit, can be transferred to the observable far-field using vortices. We demonstrate experimentally far-field optical resolution down to 1/100th of the Rayleigh limit.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 12:30

Lecture room 435, Günther-Scharowsky-Str. 1