Vollmer Research Group

Lab of Bionanophotonics and Biosensing

We are inventing, constructing and using light fields for the study of biological systems. We have specific interest in the use of resonant light fields in high-Q cavities (whispering gallery modes, WGM) for sensitive label-free molecular-level detection. Our group is applying this WGM biosensing technique towards the goal of single molecule detection and analysis as well as towards integration in hand-held chip-scale biosensors and lab-on-chip devices. Our group also explores related topics such as laser-induced flow fields (optofluidics for lab-on-chips), next generation biosensors, bioplasmonics as well as applications of quantum optics in biodetection. We are also interested in nanophotonics, particularly in disordered photonic crystal structures where Anderson-localized fields can be used in detection as well as for designing random lasers. In summary, we are an interdisciplinary group with research interests in

  • biosensing, next generation biosensors
  • silicon photonics, biophotonics, nanophotonics, plasmonics
  • optofluidics, optical trapping
  • Anderson Localization
  • molecular interactions at a biosensor interface
  • novel materials for biosensing
  • novel physics for biosensing

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