Glass studio

The glass studio is part of the TDSU for fibre fabrication and houses equipment for the production of glass. This covers the storage of raw materials for optical glasses, batch production, the melting process itself and the post-processing of samples.

The melting crucible volumes cover a range from 100 ml to 4 l and the materials are Pt, Au, SiO2 and Al2O3 as well as graphite. This covers the entire range from test melting for initial characterization of new glass compositions until the pilot production of larger glass samples in optical quality. Water can be removed by Cl2 / O2 bubbling in all melting aggregates and to all crucible sizes.

Post-processing of glass covers mainly grinding and polishing as well as extrusion. The tube drawing should be done from to bottom out of the 4l crucible, from the surface of the melt to the top from the 1l crucible and by extrusion with a die.