Past lectures


MPL Theory Seminars: Prof. Dr. Jörg Evers

Titel: X-ray quantum optics: From Mössbauer to Fano Abstract: Quantum optical concepts based on coherence and interference have proven extremely successful for the study and manipulation of atoms and molecules. Recent...[more]


MPL Theory Seminars: Dr. Sergey Skipetrov

Abstract: Anderson localization is a halt of transport in quantum or wave systems due to strong disorder. It is associated with the localized character of eigenstates or eigenmodes. We have recently discovered that the simplest...[more]


Ultrafast All-Optical Switching and Computing with Organic Molecules and Silicon Microring Resonators

Prof Sukhdev Roy, Department of Physics and Computer Science, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, India[more]


Temporal cavity solitons: from optical buffers to microresonator frequency combs

Dr Miro Erkintalo, University of Auckland, New Zealand[more]


Face to Face with the Loss in Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Prof Jacob B Khurgin, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA[more]


MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series: Prof Edward A. Hinds

Title: Probing physics at TeV by measuring aeV Speaker: Prof Edward A. HindsImperial College London, UK Abstract: Cold atoms and molecules provide a sensitive way to search for new physics, e.g. variation of fundamental...[more]


MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series: Prof Jonathan Finley

Title: Semiconductor devices for quantum technologies Speaker: Prof Jonathan FinleyTechnische Universität München, Germany Abstract: The application of all-optical techniques to control and probe discrete quantum states in...[more]