Strong-field Photoemission from Nanostructures at Visible and Infrared Frequencies

16.05.2013, 14:11

Georg Herink Courant Research Center for Nano-Spectroscopy and X-Ray Imaging, University of Göttingen

Strong-field physics - an extreme case of light-matter interaction - has recently moved to optical nanostructures. At metallic nanotips, the strong-field regime is reached at relatively low incident intensities and it has been shown that nanostructures not only ease the way to the strong-field regime, but that their optical properties, namely the field-enhancement and the field-localization, lead to unique dynamics. A brief review of nonlinear photoemission from metal tips, recent results highlighting the impact of nanostructures and novel schemes for efficient control of ultrafast photoemission will be presented.

Time & Place:
16.05. 14:00h large seminar room 435