Progress in Fluoride Glass fibers

17.05.2013, 11:00

Dr. Mohammed Saad, Thorlabs Inc., Newton, NJ, USA

Fluoride glasses are very unique materials that transmit light continually from the UV to mid-infrared (0.3 to 9 µm) without any absorption peaks, and can be drawn into high quality optical fibers. They have been discovered at Rennes University in the mid-seventies, and have experienced an extraordinary and intensive development for more than 25 years for their outstanding optical properties. They have been first intensively developed for long haut telecommunication applications due to their ultra-low theoretical optical loss (0.01 to 0.001 dB/km). After many years of intensive research, unfortunately, this goal has not been reached yet and remains a challenge. In the late nineties, the research activities around fluorides glasses and fibers have slowed down and only a few laboratories continue to have some ongoing activity focusing mainly on applications such as fiber lasers, Supercontinuum, spectroscopy and laser power delivery. The presentation will summarize the latest development in fluoride glass and fiber technology.