MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series

06.06.2013, 15:00

Prof Shanhui Fan

MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series

Organiser:Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

Nanophotonics: gauge field for photons and control of heat

Prof Shanhui Fan, Stanford University, Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford, USA

Electromagnetic interaction, as one of the most fundamental?interactions of the universe, lies at the heart of much of modern?science and engineering. Novel mechanisms to control electromagnetic?interaction, as evidenced by the recent developments of a wide variety?of nanophotonic structures, therefore have broad implications for both?fundamental and applied research. In this talk, we present two separate?examples of some of our recent works in seeking to create novel?electromagnetic interactions, and to exploit these interactions for new?applications. We will show that one can achieve an effective gauge field?for photons, which leads to a rich set of new non-reciprocal physics?effects,  as well as a very promising avenue towards on-chip?non-magnetic linear optical isolator. We will also discuss some of our?recent works in using nanophotonic structures to control heat flow, in?both the near and the far fields.

Time, place:Thursday, 6. June 2013, 15:00

Seminarroom, Bau 24, Guenther-Scharowsky-Str. 1