Lecture: Bio-lasers for imaging

30.11.2016, 13:00

Prof. Seok-Hyun Yun, Director, MGH Research Scholar, Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

Wednesday November 30th 2016, 13:00h

Seminar Room A1.500, Staudtstr. 2, 91058 Erlangen


Lasers are widely used in biomedical sciences and clinical medicine, for imaging, diagnosis, and therapy. In these and other applications, lasers are always placed externally—outside the body, tissues, and cells. Here, I show that small, biocompatible lasers can be located inside the samples—particularly, within the cytoplasm. This new approach offers  exciting possibilities, such as intracellular sensing, highly-multiplexed cell tracking, and sub-diffraction imaging.



Short bio:

Dr. Yun received his B.S. degree in 1991 and Ph.D. degree in 1997, both in Physics from KAIST in Korea. In 1996, he was a Chevening Scholar visiting student at Optoelectronic Research Centre at University of Southampton (working briefly with Philip Russell for a few months). His dissertation research in fiber optics led to a venture-funded startup in San Jose, CA, where he worked as a founding member and manager. He joined the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2003, and is currently an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and 2016 MGH Research Scholar. Dr. Yun is also affiliated with MIT in Heath Sciences and Technology, and the Director of the Harvard-MIT Summer Institute for Biomedical Optics. His research spans a wide spectrum from satisfying intellectual curiosity to solving real-world problems, through the integration of light and life sciences. Dr. Yun published over 170 journal papers and hold more than 50 patents. Dr. Yun is a recipient of the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award in 2016.