Exotic 3D light bullets propagating in linear media

29.04.2013, 14:00

Dr Heli Lukner, Lab. of Physical Optics, Institute of Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia

Diffraction and dispersion cause the spatial and temporal spread of tightly focused ultrashort pulse. In a number of challenges in modern photonics a nonspreading, bulletlike propagation of optical pulses is desired.

This talk introduces the intriguing subject of optical pulses, which have seemingly overcome the diffractive and dispersive spread. Such ultrashort pulses-localized waves (incl. Bessel-X) and Airy pulses-retain their bulletlike intensity maximum up to infinity in a theoretical limit. In addition, they exhibit peculiar properties as sub- and superluminal group velocity and lateral or longitudinal acceleration. These properties arise from a specific angular distribution of the plane wave constituents and of course do not contradict the fundamental laws of physics. Moreover, the existence and properties of the bulletlike pulses have been verified and demonstrated experimentally.