Dynamical metamorphoses in arrays and clusters of nonlinear plasmonic nanoparticles

21.11.2012, 11:00

Dr Roman Noskov, National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, St. Petersburg, Russia

The study of metal nanoparticles plays a central role in the emerging novel technologies employing optics beyond the diffraction limit. Combining strong surface plasmon resonances, high intrinsic nonlinearities and deeply subwavelength scales, arrays and clusters of metal nanoparticles offer a unique playground to develop novel concepts for light manipulation at the nanoscale. In this talk we will report on our recent findings in exploration of modulational instability and bistability in subwavelength nonlinear systems for nanoantennas, chains, and 2D arrays of optically driven metallic nanoparticles with a Kerr-like nonlinear response. Specifically, we will consider switching the scattering pattern of a hybrid metal-dielectric nanoantenna between the forward and backward directions by varying the light intensity, and present the concept of a nanoradar whose action originates from modulational instability occurring in a metallic dimer nanoantenna. We will follow up by analysis of the generation of long-lived standing and moving nonlinear localized modes of several distinct types such as bright and dark solitons, oscillons, and domain walls in 1D and 2D arrays of metallic nanoparticles.