Controlling excited state properties of NV centers

23.07.2013, 14:00

Dr. Alexander Kubanek, Harvard University, USA

Controlling the excited state properties of a solid state quantum emitter is an essential step for efficient light-matter interfaces to realize solid-state quantum networks. The NV center in diamond is one of the most promising candidates for a solid-state based quantum interface due to its exceptional properties, like long coherence times or single shot readout capabilities. Optically interfacing remote NV centers was an outstanding challenge until recent demonstration of photon-mediated spin-spin entanglement of remote NV centers. Here, we demonstrate real-time control over all optical properties of two remote NV centers. Hong-Ou-Mandel interference proofs the emission of indistinguishable photons and limiting factors, like the dynamical Jahn-Teller effect, are investigated in detail e.g. temperature dependent mixing rates in the excited state.