die.Lichtbühne (“light stage”) is a public outreach activity that took place regularly in 2015.
At central city locations, we invite pedestrians to visit our booth where we present exciting short talks and a couple of nice experiments, each time with a different scientific focus in the field of optics.

We had four very successful events in the Erlangen pedestrian zone:

December 13th 2014, with Professor Vahid Sandoghdar 

January 31st 2015, with Professor Florian Marquardt

March 14th 2015, with Siegfried Weisenburger

December 5th with, Gerhard Schunk, Falk Töppel and Patrick Uebel

In addition, we participated in "Blaue Nacht" in Nürnberg on May 2nd 2015 and during FAU's Schlossgartenfest on July 4th.

Please find pictures of our events below.

02.05.2015 "Blaue Nacht" Nürnberg

14.03.2015 Siegfried Weisenburger


31.01.2015 Prof. Florian Marquardt

13.12.2014 Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar