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What is light? This question has been on the minds of humankind since the beginning of its existence. Throughout history there have been many attempts to explain the nature of light. Nevertheless, light and its interaction with matter is still a topic of current research.


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The Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light currently consists of three departments, several independent research groups and three technical service and development groups. Currently there are about 220 employees at MPL. We are always looking for new postdoctoral researchers, PhD students or masters students. If you are at this stage of your career and are interested in joining us, please contact the head of the relevant group directly. To find out where you might fit in you can read up on each group’s work in the research section of their webpage. Please click here to get more information about the different research areas:

Stipends for postdoc positions are also offered within the framework of the MPL guest program. Suitable candidates can apply for a Herbert Walther Fellowship with a maximum duration of two years.

Please click here for open positions at MPL.

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