Genes Research Group

Research in this Max Planck Research Group, led by Claudiu Genes is directed towards exploring quantum phenomena in systems of coupled quantum emitters (cooperative effects such as superradiance, subradiance etc) and on (hybrid) optomechanical platforms.

The group’s activities will commence at January 1st 2017.


Cooperative quantum phenomena

We are exploring dynamics in the full Hilbert space of many interacting quantum emitters for various applications in the areas of precision spectroscopy and robust quantum state preparation. The interactions we consider are brought on by the common coupling to the electromagnetic vacuum, optical fiber or optical cavity environments. 

In the context of cavity quantum electrodynamics we investigate techniques of improving transport of atomic excitons or charge in the presence of strong light-matter hybridization.

Hybrid optomechanics

In a hybrid architecture, the rich nature of interactions between electromagnetic radiation, quantum emitters and mechanical resonators can be exploited for enhanced quantum state preparation, readout or transfer between disparate physical systems. Among other approaches, we are advancing a novel path based on pattern-doped cavity embedded membranes. A bold aim is to surpass the performance of standard optomechanics by exploiting sharp internal resonances and the collective coherent and incoherent coupling of quantum emitters.