Current research / employment

Current employment: Siemens

Short abstract of IMPRS PhD project:

Research focuses were post-processing algorithms of medical images, e.g. segmentation, registration and denoising, mathematical image analysis, clinical validation method, 3D visualization of medical image data, applications of SPECT/CT hybrid scanner.

In his PhD project, Jingfeng Han worked closely with the medical professionals from nuclear medicine hospital of University Erlangen and department of neurosurgery of University-Bonn, implemented software prototypes for the multiple joint research projects and helped doctors to find better ways to analysis the medical images dataset.

Publications J. Han, H. Köstler, C. Bennewitz, T. Kuwert, J. Hornegger, Computer-aided evaluation of anatomical accuracy of image fusion between X-ray CT and SPECT, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphic, 32(5), 388-395, (2007)

J. Han, B. Berkels, M. Droske, J. Hornegger, M. Rumpf, C. Schaller, J. Scorzin, H. Urbach, Mumford-shah model for one-to-one edge matching, IEEE Transation on Image Processing, 16(11), 2720-2732, (2007)