ConferencesPhotonics 2010,Guwahati,India. CLEO 2012, San Jose, USA. CLEO-Europe 2013, Munich, Germany.
AwardsOSA best student paper award, Photonics 2010.
Current research / employment Experiments on gas-based nonlinear optics in hollow core photonic crystal fiber have previously been carried out at moderate pressures – up to 10 bar.We have shown that by increasing the pressure to much higher values (up to 150 bar in the experiments reported) it is possible to raise the nonlinearity to levels that approach that of a solid material, while at the same time being able to access new regimes of dispersion. These features allow us for the first time to elevate gases to the status of "honorary solid state materials". They also make it possible to explore ultrafast nonlinear optics in many different dispersion regimes, both anomalous and normal, using one fixed-frequency laser system at 800 nm. In particular it becomes possible to explore ultrafast dynamics in noble gases at high nonlinearity levels while avoiding the effects of Raman scattering.