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Current research / employment Hollow-core Kagomé fibre revealed to be an ideal mean to study nonlinear interactions between ultrafast laser pulses and gases. The weak negative dispersion (when evacuated) along with the low loss and the high damage threshold make this fibre extremely suitable to study propagation of high intensity pulses over long lengths. Furthermore the properties of the system can be easily changed giving access to different regimes. Dispersion and nonlinearity can be tuned by changing the pressure and the species of the gas filling the fibre and by choosing a noble gas the system is free of Raman nonlinearity. Here we study soliton dynamics, laser-plasma interaction and instabilities of nonlinear wave along the propagation. Both temporal and spatial instabilities can be observed in the system, the first case leads to generation of new frequency, high energy and broad supercontinuum extending from the UV to the IR, ionization and formation of trains sub single-cycle pulses, while spatial instability leads to formation of higher order modes, and other spatial effects like self-focusing and self-channeling have been predicted.This project involves both experimental and numerical and analytical investigation.
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