IMPRS curriculum for Master students

The IMPRS curriculum for Master students consists of three parts


Annual meeting

Every IMPRS Master student is expected to attend one annual meeting during his/her two years of Master studies. The annual meeting is a 4- or 5day event that will be held once a year at a location outside Erlangen. Lectures will be given by invited speakers, postdocs and advisors.

Monthly meetings

Students are expected to attend monthly get-togethers, held at one of the institutes or laboratories participating in IMPRS, and organized by the IMPRS PhD students. The duration of these meetings will be 12 hours. Talks will be given by local researchers, postdocs and IMPRS students, and speakers from other institutions may also occasionally be invited. Those monthly meetings will sporadically be combined with talks of IMPRS alumni who will give scientific and practical insight into their career. Attendance at these gettogethers will be monitored by a signin sheet, and it is expected that all IMPRS Master students will attend at least 12 gettogethers during their two years of Master studies.

Block lectures

IMPRS Master students are required to attend 2 lecture blocks in their two years of Master studies. A single lecture block consists of 3 lectures on topics related to their PhD research. These may be specialized standalone sets of 3 lectures taken at any time, or they can be the last three advanced lectures of a regular University lecture course, held during the semesters. After each block, the student must obtain an attendance certificate, signed by the lecturer, and present it to the IMPRS coordination office. As an alternative, it is possible for students to fulfill these requirements by attending several 3lecture blocks given by invited lecturers or advisors at the IMPRS annual meeting.