upcoming events

Tuesday 09. October 2018

IMPRS Annual Meeting 2018


Venue: Hotel Stempferhof, Badangerstraße 33, 91327 Gößweinstein

Programme includes: invited talks, block lectures, student talks, panel discussion, poster session

Thursday 30. August 2018

IMPRS monthly meeting


Organisation: Michael Moser (FAU/ ECAP)

More information will follow soon.

Friday 20. July 2018

Molecules in a Quantum-Optical Flask


Organisation: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light / Sandoghdar Division

Speaker: Dr. Tal Schwartz (School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University)

Place: MPL / seminar room (1.500)


Interactions of molecules with light play a fundamental role in nature, where photons usually act on the molecules and drive chemical reactions and other processes. However, when brought into the realm of cavity quantum electrodynamics, the light and the molecules start to behave as a single entity, having its own properties. This concept lies at the heart of an emerging field known as polaritonic chemistry, which provides us with new tools for controlling the properties of molecules. In my talk I will discuss the advances that had been achieved in this field during the past few years, as well as our current efforts for controlling molecular processes by strong coupling and several fundamental physical questions which are still open.