past events

Thursday 16. December 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 29)

December, 16th 2010

Organisation: Andrea Golla

Talk by Benoit Chalopin (IOIP): "Multimode quantum optics."

Afterwards: Christmas Market, Erlangen

Thursday 25. November 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 28)

November, 25th 2010

Organisation: Zahra Ghadyani
Talk by Zahra Ghadyani (IOIP): "Subwavelength axicon polarizer for generating radially polarized light."

Thursday 28. October 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 27)

October, 28th 2010

Organisation: Ulrike Gebert
Talk by Prof. Dr. Christopher van Eldik, MPI for Nuclear Physics (Heidelberg) and ECAP (FAU): "What can the most energetic light tell us about our universe?"

Monday 04. October 2010

IMPRS Annual Meeting

October, 4th-8th 2010

Thursday 30. September 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 6)

September, 30th 2010

Organisation: Mohiudeen Azhar

Talk by Mohiudeen Azhar: “Photonic crystal fibre fabrication”

Talk by Silke Rammler: “Photonic crystal fibre fabrication”

Thursday 26. August 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 5)

August, 26th 2010

Organisation: Eva Eibenberger

Talk by Eva Eibenberger: „Introduction to the research at Pattern Recognition Lab“

Talk by Christian Riess : „Image forensics”

Thursday 29. July 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 4)

July, 29th 2010

Organisation: Benjamin Sprenger

Talk by Sascha Preu, MPL: “Continuous-wave, tunable THz n-i-pn-i-p superlattice photomixers and applications”

Talk by Benjamin Sprenger: “History of the Laser”

Thursday 24. June 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 3)

June, 24th 2010

Organisation: Marta Ziemienczuk

Talk by Marta Ziemienczuk, MPL: “Optical Illusions”

Wednesday 09. June 2010

IMPRS Interview Days

June, 9th to 11th 2010

Wednesday 02. June 2010

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 2)

June, 2nd 2010

Organisation: Ewald Guni

Talk by Peter Bartl, ECAP: “X-ray phase contrast imaging”