past events

Friday 29. July 2011

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 11)

Place: Small seminar room, 3rd floor, MPL

Organisation: Aaron Webster (MPL, Vollmer Group)

Talk by Dr. Basudev Lahiri about Optical Metamaterials

Talk by Aaron Webster about some interesting aspects related to the quantum behaviour of chaotic systems


Wednesday 27. July 2011

14th SAOT Workshop

Fibre Lasers, Sensors and Materials

date: July, 27th-29th

place: Reichenschwand (near Nuremberg)

registration deadline: June, 30th

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Thursday 30. June 2011

SAOT seminar

Visuelle Exploration von simulierten und gemessenen Blutflussdaten

date: June, 30th 3:15 pm

place: Vorstandszimmer Informatik (02.152), Martensstr. 3

title: Visuelle Exploration von simulierten und gemessenen Blutflussdaten

Speaker: Prof. Bernhard Preim (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg)

Wednesday 29. June 2011

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 10)

Date: June, 29th 3:00 pm

Place: Seminar-room 09.150, 9th floor, Pattern Recognition Lab, Martensstr. 3

Organisation: Attila Budai (FAU, Pattern Recognition Lab)

Talk by Attila Budai (FAU, Pattern Recognition Lab): "Vessel Segmentation and Analysis of Eye-Fundus Images"

Talk by Markus Mayer (FAU, Pattern Recognition Lab): "OCT imaging"

after get-together with cola / pizza somewhere in the city?

Monday 06. June 2011

IMPRS Interview Days (Kopie 1)

Date: June 6th-8th

Interviews: June 6th-7th

Guided tour through IMPRS partner institutions: June 8th

Wednesday 25. May 2011

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 9)

May, 25th 16:30

Place: Henkestraße 91, Room 02.077 (Seminarraum)

Organisation: Christian Weis (FAU, Biophysics Group)

Topic: Physics outside of physics

Talk by Claus Metzner (Biophysics Group): "Complex systems - a very short introduction"

after get-together: Bar & Café "Schwarz & Stark"


Wednesday 27. April 2011

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 8)

April, 28th 17:00

MPL, large seminar room

Organisation: Sarah Unterkofler

Topic: Single vs. Multiple Particle Velocimetry

Talk by Sarah Unterkofler (MPL): "Single particle Doppler-velocimetry"

Talk by Jonathan Kollmer (Institute for Multiscale Simulation, FAU / EAM): "Multi- Particle Image Velocimetry"

after get-together in Tio's


Wednesday 13. April 2011

6th PhDnet interdisciplinary scientific event

Date: June, 24th-26th

Place: Saarbrücken

Serendipity in Science

Friday 08. April 2011

4th biennial NEURIZONS 2011 Conference

date: May, 25th-28th

place: Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

registration deadline: April, 15th

Monday 28. March 2011

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 7)

March, 30th 12:00

MPL, small seminar room

Organisation: Josef Fürst

Presentation of IMPRS PhD projects by the doctoral students

Talk by Dr. Frank Vollmer (MPL): "Biosensing with Optical Microcavities"