past events

Thursday 03. May 2012

MPL Distinguished Lecturer Series

Controlling spontaneous emission with surface waves

Time: 5 pm

Place: MPL / large seminar room (*435)

Title: Controlling spontaneous emission with surface waves

Speaker: Prof. J.-J. Greffet (Institut d'Optique, Paris)



Thursday 26. April 2012

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 18)

Place: large seminar room / MPL

Organisation: Sebastian Bauerschmidt (MPL, Russell Division)

Talk: Generation of THz radiation in semiconductors by photomixing without antenna

Speaker: Prof. Gottfried Döhler (MPL/FAU)

Thursday 23. February 2012

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 17)

Place: seminar room TL 1.140, ECAP Building, Erwin-Rommel-Str. 1

Organisation: André Ritter (FAU, ECAP)

Talk: Spectroscpic imaging with pixelated x-ray detectors

Speaker: Peter Sievers (detector physics group, ECAP, FAU)

Wednesday 07. December 2011

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 15)

Place: Large seminar room, 4th floor, MPL

Organisation: Michael Schmidberger (MPL, Russell Division)

Talk by KaFai Mak: Nonlinear optics in gas-filled photonic crystal fibres

Talk by Frederick Vinzent: Introduction of frequency-resolved optical gating


Saturday 26. November 2011

FAU Welcome Centre: Daytrip to Munich

Registration: November 16th-25th

Registration Fee: 12 Euro

More information: Poster

Thursday 24. November 2011

MPL symposium

Future Perspectives in the Science of Light

Organisation: MPL

Place: large seminar room / MPL

More information: Programme



Tuesday 08. November 2011

Workshop on nonlinear optics and complexity in PCFs and nanostructures

Organisation: SAOT, MPL, ERC

Place: Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily (Italy)

Invited Speakers: Alexander Gaeta, Mark I. Stockman, Gerd Leuchs, Eugenio Del Re, Stefan Wabnitz, Kurt Busch, Ulf Peschel, Ulf Leonhardt, Peter Kazansky, Miles Padgett, Stefano Trillo, Antonio Picozzi, Kunimasa Saitoh, Ortwin Hess, Cefe López

Submissions deadline: 18th September 2011

More information:


Friday 28. October 2011


of the Optical Science group from the MESA+ Institute in Twente, NL


Place: Large seminar room, 4th floor, MPL

Organisation: IMPRS-OPTIM (Marta Ziemienczuk, Sebastian Bauerschmidt)


0) "Introduction to the Optical Science Group" (Jennifer Herek)
1) "Near-Field Optical Investigation of Localized Modes in Photonic-Crystal Waveguides" (Pepijn Pinkse)
2) "Plasmonic structures in single crystalline gold flakes" (Dirk Jan Dikken)
3) "Phase aspects of coherent Raman interactions" (Erik Garbacik)

Thursday 27. October 2011

IMPRS get-together (Kopie 14)

Place: Large seminar room, 4th floor, MPL

Organisation: Oliver Schmidt (MPL, Russell Division)

Talk by Robert Brüning: Modal Field Characterization of LMA Fibres Using a Phase Retrieval Algorithm

Wednesday 28. September 2011

15th International SAOT Workshop on All-Optical Signal Regeneration

Organisation: SAOT, MPL, FAU

Place: Hans-Georg Waeber Hall, Fraunhofer IISB, Schottkystr. 10, Erlangen

More information: